Friday, September 5, 2008

Awaiting Answers...

Just a brief update regarding our current situation with the Counter-Notification to the DMCA that was filed against ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~. As of today, we have still not received any further information from LL regarding the status of the process, and we are nearing the 10 Business Days mark for the party that filed the DMCA to take further legal action. LL has not returned our ~*FBG*~ Jelly Tots Necklace Sets vendors to us, and they have not returned our items to inventory. According to LL, the privacy policy prevents them from giving us any information about the avatar(s), RL identity, or products we have allegedly infringed upon. As we understand it, our items will be returned to us once this 10 day period has elapsed (in what condition, we have no idea), and then LL can then act within the DMCA legislation to bring false filing claims against the party in question. This would not benefit us in any way, to our knowledge, this is a way for LL to recoup for their involvement in a false claim. Whether we will ever find out who filed against us remains to be seen, but should the individual fail to bring legal action, we fully intend to have our lawyer file for damages and false claims, this action would involve communications with LL, as they have acted on this ridiculous DMCA and provided us with little or no information about our rights.

This entire situation has been an exhausting and emotional one for us, and we feel that by exposing the flaws in the DMCA protocol as enforced by LL, we can perhaps change the process for the better, so that others are not needlessly put through the same hell we have been. Again, we thank every-one for their on-going support and understanding, and we have started to work on a number of new products that should be ready for release soon. As always, we will keep everyone updated to any changes and news.

~*The FBG Girls*~
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