Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Gift For the Vain Inc. 12th Issue Celebration

~*FBG*~ Fortune Bangles Set - Vain Inc. Group Gift

Today Toko Voom, one of the managers of the *velvet* SIM where we have a shop, asked if I would like to participate in the 12th Issue Gift Month for the Vain Inc. Group. Although we are having a tough time feeling inspired, I love making free gifts for anyone who asks, I lived on freebies most of my SL, and it makes me feel good to provide a little joy to others. These three bangles have slogans that I came up with myself for the occassion, and are inspired by a bangle I saw in a magazine somewhere, though I am not sure which. The slogans are "Why Wait, Seize The Cupcake", "Life is too short to skip dessert", and for the Vain group particularly "Vanity never goes out of style". Just some fun, they are scripted to change colour with a click, come on both (L) & (R) forearms, and are mod/copy. I know not everyone made it into the Vain Inc. Group, so if these strike your fancy and you didn't manage to find an open slot for the Vain Inc. group this month, drop me a notecard with your avatar name and I will drop these on you first chance I get.

With Sugar Kisses,
Sweetie Pye


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

Thinking of you guys and wanted to check in and say hello!!!!!!

Toko Voom said...

wanted to Thank You soooo much!!!! This are my fav!!!