Sunday, September 7, 2008

~*FBG*~ Time For Candy Necklace!

*NEW* From ~*Fresh Baked Goods!*~

Preparing for the Second Look Studio Sweet Shop Party this Sunday, one of the models, the amazing Tuli Asturias, of []::TULI::[], asked if I could whip up a Candy Necklace to go with her outfit for the Fashion Show.

~* Fresh Baked Goods*~ Time For Candy Necklace Set

The ~*FBG*~ Time For Candy Necklace Set

So a Little Newness in Our Mainstore Today. This Sweet Candy Necklace, Scripted to Shuffle 6 Yummy Candy Colours. Yours will be completely unique with just a click, with 104 Hand Placed Yummy Candy Beads on an Elastic Choker, Just Like the Real thing! Click till you find the Combination you love! Each Set Comes with 2 Sizes (Small & Large), and 2 Attachment Point Options (Spine/Chest). Just $50L/Set. They are Mod & Copy so Guys Can Nibble Too! Only available in our Main Store on Retrology Until Monday, September 8th/08. Then Releasing to Our Satellite Stores! Enjoy!

** Available at Our Main Store on Retrology:
~*Fresh Baked Goods* **

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