Sunday, October 5, 2008

~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ @ Jewelry Expo 2008

The Jewelry Expo Opens Today!

Jewelry Expo 2008/Dated - Web Graphic by Miriel Enfield

Come Visit Our Kitchen!

~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ Jewelry Expo Booth 2008

This is our first Expo... And We Had No Idea How To Work On A Budget of 30 Prims and Just 30 256x256 Textures! Miriel Enfield has some very stringent rules for her Expo, but once you teleport in, you will see exactly why. With dozens of vendors, Miriel really wanted to reduce the lag common at so many other Expo's, and her efforts have more then payed off. You can really enjoy the Expo, get a glimpse of some fabulous creations, and Pick Up Dozens of Freebies Too! Make sure you stop by our little kitchen (it looks like an Easy-Bake Oven) and grab some freebies and see our newest release.

~*FBG*~Chicken Bone Candy Set - 50% Charity Vendor Item

Our **New Release** Is The ~*FBG*~ Chicken Bone Candy Set. If you have never heard of Chicken Bones, they are a type of hard candy that is like a small pink sugar tube with pinched ends, giving it a bone-like appearance. Inside there is a chocolate filling, like 'marrow'. Sounds off-putting, but I assure you they are yummy! So here is a set inspired by that candy, glass tube beads strung on a Necklace, with matching Earrings and Bracelets in Two Styles. It wouldn't be ~*FBG*~ without scripted extras, so this set has a colour change option of the glass beads, as well as a texture change option in some sweet and funky prints. It is set to sell for $200L, and this is our Donation Item, with %50 of proceeds going to Heifer International.

More Details From The Expo To Follow! Hope to See You There!

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